KWLUG Meeting: Monday, April 4 2022, 7pm

Firefox Extensions, OBS

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Firefox and OBS logos


During a recent laptop re-installation Andrew Sullivan Cant had to re-install Firefox and review what plugins were still useful. He will describe whatplugins he is currently using, and why they might be useful to you to achieve a safe and enjoyable web browsing experience.

R. Brent Clements will demonstrate some practical uses of Open Broadcaster Software Studio for live video production and streaming applications. He will cover some of the techniques used to produce the FASS Theatre Company Winter 2022 show, as well as some common features used by countless Twitch and Youtube streamers. But first he is going to complain a lot about OBS Studio.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, March 7, 2022, 7pm

Installing Linux, WebAssembly

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In this beginner-oriented presentation, Paul Nijjar will discuss considerations you should have in mind when deciding whether you can install Linux on a particular device. He will cover what factors make installing Linux easier, what factors make it more difficult, and some practical tips.

Mikalai Birukou will discuss WebAssembly, a low-level language embedded into web browsers. The discussion will start with the instruction set and a stack-based virtual machine, then move into system design. If you have ever wondered how operating systems interact with userspace, this talk will be of interest to you. If there is time, Mikalai will also relate WebAssembly to Rust.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, Feb 7 2022, 7pm

Vulnerability Notifications, Kubernetes Tutorial

Meeting Date

Ilguiz Latypov will demonstrate a project he created which notifies vulnerable network owners of their security vulnerabilities using the device search engine Shodan.

Jason Eckert will follow up on the Kubernetes round table with walking through a Kubernetes quickstart.

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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, January 10 2022, 7pm

ESPHome, Linux USB Persistence

Meeting Date

Tim Laurence will spread some of his enthusiasm about home automation and ESPHome, which allows you to specify firmware using YAML files.

Cris Waurechen will discuss his attempts to create a bootable USB Linux distro with persistence. He writes:

This presentation will cover my attempt to make a persistent linux install on a USB drive. Attempts were made with both Manjaro and Mint, but Mint was unsuccessful so far. The presentation will focus on Manjaro but will touch on the problems while attempting to make a persistent Mint USB drive. I will include some warnings and observations from this experiment, a walk through of how to create your own persistent USB drive and stream a demonstration of a PC booting from persistent USB storage.

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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, December 6, 2021, 7pm

Unit Testing, Kubernetes Roundtable

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Andrew Cant will give us an overview of unit testing, with a focus on Ruby tools.

We will hold a collective demo/roundtable/Q&A session about Kubernetes. Apparently it is mandatory that we refer to this as the "pod cast". To kick things off, Mikalai Birukou will describe his own situation. He writes:

Docker Swarm sorta goes away and those of us using it have to move production pieces to something that is more widely used. And it is Kubernetes. We'll approach it from noob-ish perspective. I'll talk. I may answer some questions, but I'll also ask audience. If you k8s-ed, come to help.

Update Andrew points us to the projects and as two projects containing some of his testing examples.


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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, November 1, 2021, 7pm

Home Assistant, SQLite

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John Steel will relate his adventures building a privacy-focused Smarthome system with Home Assistant and ZigBee2Mqtt .

Brent Clements will relate his adventures with SQLite. the "self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine".  In addition to  quickly covering what each of those statements means, he will talk about and (to the best of his ability) demonstrate with some examples, how this public domain software tool can be a springboard for rapid development of applications that require fast and  reliable local file access or moderate to large collections of data.



KWLUG Meeting: Monday, October 4, 2021, 7pm

Open edX, Ansible

Meeting Date

Paul Nijjar will relate his experiences using the learning management system Open edX as an instructor, and why in the world he would use it when his workplace already has D2L's Brightspace available.

Jeff Smith will discuss the popular configuration management software Ansible.

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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, Sept 13, 2021, 7pm

MuseScore, Demystifying Containerization

Meeting Date

Michael Hitchens will follow up his LMMS presentation with another music-related project: the music composition software MuseScore.

Jason Eckert will demystify containerization and orchestration for us. Docker, Kubernetes, Swarms, Rancher... what are these tools used for? Why are they useful? How do they fit together? How has the industry evolved over the past seven years? Jason will answer these questions and more.

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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, August 9, 2021, 7pm

Krita/Blender Revisited, Homelab Setup

Meeting Date

In May we had a Blender/Krita presentation that emphasized Blender. This month we have a followup from Kyle Murphy, who will emphasize the digital painting tool Krita. He will offer some tips and techniques, shows how he incorporates Krita into game design, and demonstrate cross-functionality with Blender.

Bob B will give us a tour of his homelab: a collection of servers, storage and networking that lives in his house.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, July 5 2021, 7pm

Tmux Migration, Trivia Night

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on our BigBlueButton instance: 

Paul Nijjar will explain how and why he transitioned from the GNU Screen multiplexer to Tmux.

The group will collectively hold a trivia night. You can bring some free-software trivia to share and maybe we will get stumped.

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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, June 7, 2021, 7pm

Arduino Projects, Text Formats

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on BigBlueButton: .

Brent Clements will demonstrate a few "real world" uses for inexpensive Arduino  controllers. He will start with a crash course on what they are and how to work with them. Next he will demonstrate how to control simple lights and other devices with simple programs, as well as discuss a couple of ways he has used Arduinos in the past. 

Tim Laurence will tell us about text formats. A few common human readable file formats connect many of systems in our lives together. Tim will introduce us to some of the more common and useful ones you may encounter and show examples of them in use.


KWLUG Meeting: Monday, May 3, 2021, 7pm

LMMS, Krita and Blender

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on BigBlueButton:

Michael Hitchens will discuss LMMS, a digital audio workstation application used to create sounds and music. He writes:

Learn how to make music with LMMS, the GPLv2 digital audio workstation!  Well maybe not how to compose music, but at least how to realize your musical endeavors in digital form. Michael Hitchens will guide you through the basics of how to navigate the interface, enter notes, use multiple built-in instruments, apply built-in effects, and to unleash your musical creations unto the world.

(Michael has also publish supplementary material on his blog.)

Rocco Commisso will show us how he uses Kritia and Blender to create illustrations and video game art. Rocco is a talented artist and educator, and will be taking us on an informal tour of what these tools do, and how artists can you them to express themselves.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, April 5, 2021, 7pm

Curv, Joplin

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on BigBlueButton:

John Kerr will tell us about Joplin, an open source note taking app that can be easily synchronized to cloud services. He writes:

Joplin is a Markdown based note taking application. You can have numerous notes in tabs.  Information can be hosted on dropbox to synchronize with all of your devices. This feature makes Joplin a reasonable personal Wiki substitute for OwnCloud or NextCloud. I create a calendar page that I find more useful than many calendar apps, mainly because I do not have multiple meetings on many days of the week.

Doug Moen will give an update on Curv, focusing on the new design of the programming language. Curv is a programming language for creating art through mathematics, focusing on 2d and 3d geometric modelling. He writes:

After 5 years of messing around with Curv, the limitations of the current  design and implementation are quite clear. It's time to redesign everything. This will be the 3rd major design for the language and its internals.


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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, March 1 2021, 7pm

WireGuard, LibreOffice updates (and reading ODF files)

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on BigBlueButton: .

Jason Eckert will give us a beginner-friendly introduction to the  fast, modern, secure, formally-verified, multi-platform and trendy VPN tunnelling software WireGuard.

Marc Pare from the local LibreWaterloo group will give us the inside scoop on some internal projects, and demonstrate how to read ODF files without the GUI.

Update: You can download both presentations below. Jason has posted a blog post with roughly the same content as his presentation here:


KWLUG Meeting: Monday, February 1, 2021, 7pm

Community Storytelling with OpenShot, PinePhone and Open Hardware

Meeting Date

Update: Alisa had to postpone her presentation, but we will reschedule.

Christian Snyder worked on a digital storytelling project for Reception House, a local refugee settlement agency. He developed a workflow to help new refugees share their stories on social media, and he turned to open source for help. Among the tools he recommended was OpenShot, the free software video. Christian will discuss the project and lead us through the technology decisions he made.

The PinePhone is a recently-released open hardware phone that runs mainstream Linux. Stephen Paul Weber owns one, and will share his experiences about it. Stephen also owns a Novena laptop, and may share his experiences with that as well.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, January 4 2021, 7pm

3NWeb Live Space, Minimalist Desktop with Xmonad and fish

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on BigBlueButton: . There will be no passcode.

Mikalai Birukou will give us an update about his 3NWeb project. He writes:


There is no separate cybersphere, there is only life here. Online is real  life. Your digital rights are no different from everyday human rights.  Unfortunately, today most people live in a digital feudalism.

Unlike physical space that was here already, we've been creating digital realm. Disrespect towards users is not a technical phenomena, but it is made possible by certain architectural choices.                                                                       

3NWeb gives a practical architecture for spaces that users own, where it is safe to build one's life, the promised land.                                 


Raul Suarez decided to move to a minimalist desktop using  XMonad on Archlinux. He will tell us about his journey, how he is adapting to the desktop, and the applications he uses. Part of his journey involved switching from bash to fish, which he says he "should have done years ago."                                          

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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, Dec 7 2020, 7pm

Online Voting Revisited, Python 3 for Linux Users

Meeting Date

The meeting will be held on our BigBlueButton instance: . There will be no passcode.


Mikalai was unable to present in September, so he will talk about his work in online voting systems this month. He writes:

Tech can change distribution of power. Online voting is usually developed only as a convenience for voters, but we can do more. I will present a design that shifts power to voters by letting every voter to count votes. My device counts votes, your device counts votes, and we the people come to consensus. 

Derek Steinmoeller will tell us about scripting and apps for Linux users. He writes:

In this talk, I'll introduce Python 3 to Linux users interested in building automation solutions and/or their own simple apps. We'll look at application areas both on the desktop and the Raspberry Pi.


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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, Nov 2 2020, 7pm

OpenCV, IPv6 + DHCPv6

Meeting Date

OpenCV logo

The meeting will be held on our BigBlueButton instance: . There will be no passcode.


Chris Blasko will follow up his well-received computer vision presentation with a look at OpenCV, an open source computer vision library. 

Jon Champagne will discuss some topics related to IPv6 and DHCPv6.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, October 5, 2020, 7pm

Ask Us Anything Roundtable

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on our BigBlueButton server: . There will be no access code.

This month we will hold a roundtable discussions around FLOSS-related questions and answers. Is there a free-software topic you would like to know more about? Are you struggling to solve a problem? Are you looking for software/hardware recommendations for a particular task? Bring your questions and we can see whether we can answer them collectively.