KWLUG Meeting: Monday, July 10, 2023, 7pm

Ardour, Dev Containers

Meeting Date

Ardour, Docker and VSCode logos

Note: The meeting location for this meeting is still up in the air. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

Brent Clements will tell us about the digital audio workstation Ardour.


Jason Paul will tell us about Dev Containers and Cloud Development environments. He writes: 

Development containers are Docker containers that are specifically configured to provide a fully featured development environment- including libraries, frameworks, and other software dependencies.  The dev container and configuration are defined as code, so it can be consistently reproduced and shared, and can be spun up when needed and shut down/destroyed when finished.  Jason will go over a number of  options for using Dev Containers with Visual Studio Code locally on Linux, as well as some options for cloud based development environments that use this technology.