This page collects KWLUG resources that may interest you, but which are sufficiently small that they do not get their own menu link.

RSS Feeds

Here are the most active RSS feeds on the site. Subscribe to them to keep informed, and help keep RSS alive. : Most content that is published on the site, including meeting announcements, blogs, podcasts... : Upcoming meetings. : New blog posts. : Audio podcast feed (MP3 format). Other formats are available; see the podcast page for more detail. : Video recordings of meetings.

Organizing Meetings

Organizational Tasks: Somebody ought to do these things to keep meetings running.

Organizers: A snapshot of who is taking on which tasks. This list may be out of date; please use the contact functionality if you notice discrepancies.

Tips for Presenters: read this if you will be giving a presentation.

Our attendance sheet is passed around at every meeting. (RTF sources made with OOo are in this zip file.

Downloads of Interest

Our LUG logo has a long and storied past. We keep a tarball here for future use.

This podcasting kit contains our intro, outro, metadata information and Audacity tips for the audio podcast,

This flyer was created by Ron Singh to advertise the group.

File Attachments