Requested Topics List

Here are some topics members have requested over the years. Can you present on one or more of them? If so get in touch. You may also request a topic, but please do this on the kwlug-disc mailing list, or during a meeting.

Newer requests are at the top of the list.

  • What are the barriers in installing Linux on Android phones and tablets?
  • How to commit to an open source project
  • Work events where groups of people contributed to a project
  • Interviews with open source project leaders
  • Have contests or workshops
    • Capture the flag events?
    • Making a community project together? Like CivicTech?
    • Translating software?
  • Linux at the movies
  • Linux in pop culture
  • "Epic" topics spread over several meetings
  • How do Raspberry Pi computers fit into the Linux ecosystem? What other low powered computers are there, and why should we consider them?
  • What resources (Youtube channels, podcasts, websites...) are most helpful in getting new users familiar with Linux?
  • What are the "best of breed" distros for different niches? For powerful computers? Low-end computers? Audio production? Video production? Security testing?
  • IPv6 tunnel brokering
  • SSL for dummies; Let's Encrypt
  • Managing family photos
  • ElementaryOS
  • RedMatrix, Bitlbee
  • Syslog
  • New-style packaging (Snap, AppImage, Flatpak)
  • What things run Linux? Make a list
  • Static CMSes
  • Ransomware
  • Incident response
  • Packet sniffing