KWLUG Meeting: Monday, Nov 6, 2023, 7pm

Machine Learning for Observability, mitmproxy Deep Dive

Meeting Date

Note: The location for this meeting will be hybrid, at the UW location.

Andrew Maguire from NetData will discuss "10 practical machine learning use cases in observability!" He writes: 

I will walk through 10 practical, clearly motivated and formulated use cases for ML in observability. What is the problem, what are the inputs and what are the outputs. The main overarching theme is that of “ML as UX”  being an approach that actually can be very useful for us once we cut through all the buzz and hype from our marketing friends. These use cases give us “humans in the loop” more tools that sometimes might help us solve our problem quicker and less painfully. Let’s go beyond dashboards and begin to look at useful, mature, practical and realistic ways we can make ML less sexy and more boring - just another tool we can leverage to get on with our day quicker.

John Steel will continue his Cools Tools presentation on mitmproxy with a deeper dive into HTTP and how mitmproxy interacts with it.