Tips for Presenters

This page provides guidelines for people presenting for our group.


  • We start the meeting with announcements (10-20min).
  • We have a 10-15 min break a little before 8pm. If you have a full presentation slot, please schedule this break into your presentation.


  • Please make sure your presentation works at a resolution of 1024x768.
  • If you are showing interactive terminal sessions, make sure the terminal font is large enough -- we recommend at least 14 point (and bigger if you can).
  • If you are showing terminal sessions please set the terminal to display black text on a white background. This is much more visible than white (or green) text on a black background.


  • Unfortunately, the 97 Victoria presentation space has a LOT of background noise. People need the speaker system in order to hear.
  • We have speaker stands.
  • We have a wireless microphone that is available on request, but in practice it does not work so well.
  • If you want your laptop to transmit sound through the speaker system please let us know in advance.


We provide the following by default:

  • A screen.
  • A projector. This projector has VGA input. It handles a resolution of 1024x768. If your computer runs at a much higher resolution you may have problems. If you have a Mac you will need an appropriate converter to VGA input.
  • A speaker system and wired microphones.
  • Wired or wireless internet (wired is much more reliable). Not all ports or protocols may work -- if you have doubts, please contact us and we can schedule a dry run.

We may be able to provide other equipment on request. Please make your request at least a week before the presentation if possible.

  • A DVI to VGA converter.
  • A (full-size) HDMI to VGA converter.
  • A presentation laptop that can display PDF slides.


  • By default, we record KWLUG presentations and livestream/podcast them. If you wish not to be recorded, please let us know (preferably in advance).
  • Occasionally we record video of presentations, but this does not happen every month.