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2024-06: Matrix, Pioreactor

Hubert Chathi discusses the decentralized communications platform Matrix, and Cam Davidson-Pilon discusses his startup Pioreactor. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2024-05: Intro to Linux, SQLPage

Jason Paul runs through a brief introduction to Linux. Anton Avramov discusses the SQL-oriented website builder SQLPage, with an introduction from project founder Ophir Lojkine. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2024-04: Tor Exit Nodes, Home Automation Sensors

Ian Goldberg discusses privacy and why universities should run Tor exit nodes. Tim Laurence discusses different kinds of sensors for home automation, and how he uses them in his house. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2024-03: TrueNAS, Unraid

Jason Paul discusses the NAS (Network Attached Storage) software TrueNAS Scale, and John Steel discusses Unraid. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2024-02: gLabels, GNU Parallel Part 2

John Driezen demonstrate gLabels, a program to print sticker labels. Ole Tange goes through some intermediate-level GNU Parallel examples. Video by Mikalai Birukou.