KWLUG - The Kitchener-Waterloo Linux User Group is a monthly meeting of GNU/Linux, Free Software, Open Source and technology enthusiasts.

Where? When? We meet in Kitchener, Ontario, usually on the first (non-holiday) Monday of the month, beginning at 7pm. (Virtual Directions) (Subscribe to monthly meeting announcements)

How much? Our meetings are free of charge and open to anybody with an interest in Linux and/or free software.

What next?

In-Person Social: Monday, June 17, 2024, 7pm

Dinner at Crabby Joe's, Downtown Kitchener

Meeting Date

We are continuing the dinner meetup tradition at Crabby Joe's in downtown Kitchener, starting at 7pm. Note that this restaurant meeting is on a Monday, and that it is being held at the same location as last month's restaurant meetup.

This is a supplementary informal meeting; we will still hold hybrid meetings for technical topics.

The restaurant is located at 70 King St E in Kitchener, at the corner of King and Frederick St. Here is a map

Parking is free in the Crabby Joe's parking lot with purchase. The waitstaff will scan your ticket when you leave, which will permit you to leave the parking lot for free. In addition, parking at City of Kitchener parking lots is free after 5pm. The nearest City parking lots are at 40 Ontario St S, or 5 Charles St E.

You can probably just show up, but the organizers would find it helpful if you RSVPed to 

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, July 8, 2024, 7pm

Linux Upskill Challenge, Linux Download Tools

Meeting Date

Livia Lima will discuss her educational project Linux Upskill Challenge. She writes:

Linux Upskill Challenge is a month-long course for those who want to learn more about how to operate a Linux server, such as Linux users who aspire to get Linux-related jobs in industry, and Windows server admins who want to expand their knowledge to be able to work with Linux servers. However, many others have happily used the course simply to improve their Linux command  line skills or to learn Linux for the first time - and that's just fine too!  
The course always starts on the first Monday of the month. The material is delivered in 20 bite-sized lessons, one each workday, posted on Reddit, Lemmy and Discord, where other students share experiences and help each other.

Sam Zhang will discuss some download tools he uses for Linux, including wget, curl and aria2.