KWLUG - The Kitchener-Waterloo Linux User Group is a monthly meeting of GNU/Linux, Free Software, Open Source and technology enthusiasts.

Where? When? We meet in Kitchener, Ontario, usually on the first (non-holiday) Monday of the month, beginning at 7pm. (Directions)

How much? Our meetings are free of charge and open to anybody with an interest in Linux and/or free software.

What next?

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, March 5 2018

Laptop installation, Kubernetes

Meeting Date

Jim Kelsh will demonstrate how to install Linux on a laptop. He may cover different installation methods and different distributions. This presentation is intended to be friendly to beginners to Linux.

Charlie Drage will discuss his work (and contributions) to Kubernetes.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, April 9 2018

Accessing Shells from Other OSes, VoIP Security

Meeting Date

William Park will show us how to run UNIX shells from other operating systems: Windows (cygwin, virtual machines, busybox, and Windows 10 Ubuntu shell); MacOS; Chromebooks (crosh, crouton); and Android (termux). This presentation is intended to be accessible to Linux beginners.

Steve Walker (the CTO at Telium)  will discuss the challenges facing the operators of VoIP based PBX equipment,  and how to secure the PBX from hacking and fraud.  The presentation will examine how and why hackers / fraudsters want to attack your PBX, and the risks and costs associated with these attacks.  The presentation will then focus on the attack surface of the PBX, review common vulnerabilities, and describe detection of hacking / fraud, with an emphasis on Asterisk based PBX's.  Finally Steve will take us through best practices in securing the PBX (and telephony environment), including the tools and techniques you should implement to protect your business (or home) system.                   
Since VoIP PBX technology is now within reach of the small business and home user, this presentation should be of interest to anyone involved with VoIP.  If you already operate VoIP equipment and are wondering if this applies to you, here is  a video showing a company that had to pay a $400,000 USD telephone bill after a single weekend attack on their VoIP PBX.