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We do not guarantee that every meeting will be recorded. Some presenters may prefer not to be recorded. Sometimes there are technical glitches. Sometimes other bad things happen.

Some of our presentations are also recorded on video. See to see these.

2016-10: Emulating Tor

Nik Unger discusses his graduate school research, which consists of writing software to emulate the Tor anonymization network. He covers an overview of privacy, how Tor works, and the Linux kernel features he uses to emulate IP networks. Visit for additional information.

2016-09: Watcamp calendar, Indieweb, Key Retention using Guile

Bob Jonkman and Chris Craig talk about their workflow for the Watcamp calendar ( Andrew Cant discusses principles of the Indieweb. Kirk Zurell discusses how to implement the Key Retention Service using Guile. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2016-08: Summer Smorgasboard

This month's meeting consists of five short presentations. John Kerr relates tips for producing Youtube screencasts. Bob Jonkman holds a keysigning party. Bob Bosiljevac demonstrates the ZBackup deduplicating backup program. Tim Laurence outlines tools used to diagnose RAM and CPU bottlenecks. Paul Nijjar explains VLANs in 15 minutes. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2016-06: Raspberry Pi Projects

This month features two presentations about the Raspberry Pi. Omar Atwa explains how he created an automated plant-watering system for his science fair. Khalid Baheyeldin describes how he got started with his Raspberry Pi, how he used NOOBS to choose a distribution for it, and how he created weather forecast and internet radio projects with it. See for slides and auxiliary information.