KWLUG Meeting: December 7 2009

When you cannot be there... Remote access and collaboration.

Meeting Date

In this presentation I will show how you can remotely access other computers to work as if you were in front of the keyboard or let other people view your desktop or control your computer, even behind firewalls. All using Free software.

The presentation will be at the end user level, showing the practical and hands-on side of it. The presentation is not about explaining the technology, just how to use it.

These are things that I use on daily basis for different purposes, from providing remote tech support to my father that lives in Mexico to using the main home computer when my children are also using it to working from home using the computer at the office to giving presentations remotely and hosting virtual meetings.

This presentation is a teaser of many different technologies and methods that could be full presentations on their own, but with full instructions on how to use each one of them. The technologies presented will include the following

  • SSH (Including reverse SSH)/putty
  • X over SSH
  • VNC (Including reverse VNC and VNC over SSH)/Vino/KRFB
  • NX No machine/FreeNX
  • Remote Desktop (Terminal services)
  • Web conferencing.(OpenMeetings, WebHuddle, DimDim, etc)

I'll do my best to set up a virtual meeting for those of you who cannot attend this presentation in person. I'll confirm if I can do it closer to the scheduled date and if so, post the details.

I've uploaded the presentations to this post and created a series of posts on my blog with more detailed information

VNC (Virtual Network Computing )
Web conferencing
Installing OpenMeetings on Debian Lenny

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The host for this meeting was Raul Suarez.

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