Contribution Date

It's somewhat startling to realize OpenWRT wasn't nominated long ago ...


- OpenWrt is described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices.

Contributions - cash or equipment, but apparently to SPI, with instructions to forward to OpenWRT, instead of OpenWRT directly:

- - includes credit card payment means. No obvious PayPal mechanism sticks out.

2018-05: Backups, Mail-in-a-Box

Khalid Baheyeldin discusses his backup strategies using dump, and Colin Knapp discusses Mail-in-a-Box. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Note that this audio has had silences clipped.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, September 10, 2017, 7pm

GitLab + 1 more

Meeting Date


Colin Knapp will update us on GitLab, the "open core" Git-repository manager. He calls his presentation "Creating Problems to Solve Problems in GitLab". Some of the topics he will cover include:

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, August 13 2017, 7pm

Linux in Virtual Machines, Life as a Debian Developer

Meeting Date


James Kelsh will show us how to install and run Linux in a virtual machine, using Windows 10 as the base operating system. This topic is intended to be accessible to beginning Linux users.

In celebration of the Debian Project's 25th anniversary, Hubert Chathi will talk about his experiences as a Debian Developer, including technical components (such as building Debian packages) as well as non-technical aspects (such as Debian's history).

2018-03: Laptop Installation, Kubernetes

Jim Kelsh demonstrates how to install Linux, and Charlie Drage talks about his work with Kubernetes, Kompose, and Kedge. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.