Contribution Date

It's somewhat startling to realize OpenWRT wasn't nominated long ago ...


- OpenWrt is described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices.

Contributions - cash or equipment, but apparently to SPI, with instructions to forward to OpenWRT, instead of OpenWRT directly:

- - includes credit card payment means. No obvious PayPal mechanism sticks out.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, Jan 6, 2020, 7pm

Dhall, SSL Web Certificates

Meeting Date


John Steel will give a beginner-friendly introduction to SSL certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Stephen Paul Weber will tell us about Dhall, a non-Turing-complete, non-repetitive configuration language intended to replace YAML and/or JSON.

(The Dhall logo is CC-BY 4.0 from the Dhall website.)

2019-10: Syncthing, Blockchains

Sandeep Johri tells us about Syncthing and how he uses it. Gheorghe Curelet-Balan discusses Bitcoin and blockchains. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Note that this audio has had silences clipped.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, October 7 2019, 7pm

Syncthing, Blockchain

Meeting Date


Sandeep Johri will tell us about how he uses Syncthing to keep his files safe.

Gheorghe Curelet-Balan will tell us about blockchains. He writes:


This talk will introduce the fundamental concepts & features of a blockchain (permanent distributed ledger, transaction & block building, block mining, proof of work, incentives, governance, etc.) in the context of bitcoin's step by step operation.

2019-09: Home Networks, PrivacySafe

Sandeep Johri describes his home network setup. Mikalai Birukou introduces PrivacySafe and 3NWeb, which allow you to run secure private servers in your home. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Unfortunately, the audio quality is terrible this podcast -- the microphone kept cutting out.