Contribution Date

It's somewhat startling to realize OpenWRT wasn't nominated long ago ...


- OpenWrt is described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices.

Contributions - cash or equipment, but apparently to SPI, with instructions to forward to OpenWRT, instead of OpenWRT directly:

- - includes credit card payment means. No obvious PayPal mechanism sticks out.

2019-07: Docker Swarm, Life in a Terminal Window

Mikalai Birukou discusses Docker and Docker Swarm. Paul Nijjar discusses terminal window applications. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Note that this audio has had silences clipped. Also, the recorder stopped recording unexpectedly a couple of times, so we lost several minutes of audio.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, July 8, 2019, 7pm

Docker Swarm, Life in a Terminal Window

Meeting Date


Mikalai Birukou will tell us about Docker Swarm, a native clustering system for Docker.

Paul Nijjar has an old and slow computer, so lives his life in a terminal window as much as possible. He will describe some of the end-user applications he uses in this interface, including: web surfing, playing multimedia files, reading news, notetaking, and more. This presentation is beginner-friendly.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, Sept 9, 2019, 7pm

Artificial Intelligence, Home Network Setup

Meeting Date


Joan Currie will give us an overview of AI and machine learning. She may cover topics including: what data is, what makes an AI company, what machine learning can and cannot do, technical tools for AI projects, and/or realistic views of AI.

Sandeep Johri will tell us how he set up and secured his home network. His hope is that the audience can help him identify issues and vulnerabilities. This presentation will be beginner-friendly.