Huether Hotel - 59 King St N, Waterloo

The Huether Hotel is in uptown Waterloo. There are a number of different rooms that are bookable; check each meeting announcement to find which room we meet in.

  • The Boardroom is on the third floor. Take the King Street entrance, go up the stairs, then turn into the bar/eating area. Towards the back there is another set of stairs. Take it up and keep going straight.

The Huether is just North of Waterloo Town Square, which is a major transit hub. There is bike parking along both sides of the street.

Huether Hotel
59 King Street North
Waterloo, Ontario

Photo of Huether Hotel

Thus far, people have parked cars at the following locations without getting ticketed: the Post Office (after 5pm), at the Waterloo Town Square parking lot, using the on-street parking (after 6pm), and at the WPL parking lot (after 6pm). Here is a PDF Map showing pay lots and bike parking.

Here is an OpenStreetMap link (the Heuther is labelled "Cafe 1842"):

Here is a Google Map

Map of Huether Hotel