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2020-06: OhMyForm, BigBlueButton

Colin Knapp discusses his project OhMyForm. Paul Nijjar discusses BigBlueButton. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2020-05: dnsmasq

Lori Paniak does a deep-dive into Dnsmasq. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2020-05: KW Commits

Tim Laurence pitches KW Commits, an initiative to increase awareness of local open source developers. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2020-04: LaTeX at the Law Library, clusterssh

John Kerr presents how he uses LaTeX at his law library, and Jeff Smith presents clusterssh. Video taken from BigBlueButton recording session, and screen capture by John Kerr.

2019-05: Curv

Doug Moen demonstrates his programming language Curv. Video by Gheorghe Curelet-Balan.