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We do not guarantee that every meeting will be recorded. Some presenters may prefer not to be recorded. Sometimes there are technical glitches. Sometimes other bad things happen.

Some of our presentations are also recorded on video. See to see these.

2016-05: Sound in Linux, Part 2

R. Brent Clements continues the discussion of sound in Linux from his November 2015 presentation. He covers ALSA and PulseAudio configuration, some helpful PulseAudio tools, and some sound applications. See for slides and auxiliary information.

2016-04: Docker Tutorial

Tim Laurence leads a tutorial on interacting with Docker containers.See for information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2016-03: Mastering Photo DVDs, KDEnlive

Raul Suarez demonstrates how he used Imagination and DeVeDe to master a photo and video DVD. Bob Jonkman demonstrates editing video using KDEnlive. See for additional material.

2016-01: Mageia Linux, Tax Software

Marc Paré presents Mageia GNU/Linux, and his experiences running the tax software UFile under WINE. Please see for additional information.

2015-12: GNU Social

Bob Jonkman presents the GNU Social federated microblogging platform. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2015-11: Sound in Linux

R. Brent Clements discusses how sound works in Linux, including ALSA, PulseAudio and Jack. He also demonstrates musical instrumentation using free software. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2015-10: File Synchronization

Raul Suarez tells us how to synchronize files, focusing on Unison. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2015-09: Swapping Laptop Drives, Helping New Users

Khalid Baheyeldin discusses his adventures copying data to a new laptop drive. The group holds a roundtable discussion about helping new users use Linux, and selling Linux to the business world. See for slides and more details.

2015-08: git

Andrew Sullivan Cant provides a gentle introduction to the git version control system. See for links to his demo slides (you will want them).

2015-07: btrfs Part 2

Chris Irwin continues his discussion of the btrfs file system, covering snapshots and backups. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2015-06: Raspberry Pi 2, Open Q&A

John Kerr discusses his Raspberry Pi 2, and the group conducts an open question and answer roundtable. See for auxiliary materials and more information.

2015-05: LibreOffice, systemd Timers

At this month's meeting, Marc Paré discusses the LibreOffice community, and Jotham Apaloo explains how he configured systemd timers to replace cronjobs on his computer.

2015-04: btrfs

Chris Irwin presents btrfs. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Note that there was lots of animated discussion during this presentation, which the microphone did not pick up very well.

2015-03: GitLab

Colin Knapp presents GitLab, the self-hostable git repository frontend. See http://kwlug/node/954 for auxiliary materials.

2015-02: Docker

In the Feb 2015 meeting, Tim Laurence presented the application isolation system Docker.

2015-01 Part 2: Licensing

This is part 2 of the January 2015 meeting. In this talk, Nathan Fish discusses licensing. Note that there was a lot of in-audience discussion during this talk, which the microphone not pick up well, so some of the audio quality is worse than usual. Sorry for that. See for Nathan's presentation slides.

2015-01 Part 1: Flashing an Android Tablet with OmniROM

This is part 1 of the January 2015 meeting. In this talk, Khalid Baheyeldin walks us through the process of flashing his Acer Iconia A500 tablet, a free software distribution of Android. See for his presentation slides.

2014-12: Ansible, Puppet

This month's presentations covered configuration management systems. Joe Wennechuk discussed Ansible, and Tim Laurence discussed Puppet. For more information, visit

2014-11: Virtualization with libvirt

Khalid Baheyeldin discusses his adventures with libvirt, the virtualization abstraction layer. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials.

2014-10: Cloud Storage

Jeff Smith discusses the DS_Cloud software for his Synology NAS, and Bob Jonkman carries out an extended demonstration of OwnCloud. For more information, see

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