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2023-01: CiviCRM, Origin Stories

Ian Kelly introduces CiviCRM, a constituent relationship management system. Five KWLUG members - Brent Clements, Jason Eckert, Jason Paul, Aaron Sohl and Andrew Sullivan Cant -- share how they got into Linux and Free Software, and where that interest took them. See for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2022-11: Cycling Guide, Bash Autocompletion

David Trueman from CycleWR is joined by Catalin Pop, Amy Colford and Brent Lintner to present Cycling Guide, a route-finding app which uses
OpenStreetMap in its backend. John Steel explains how autocompletion works in the Bash shell. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2022-10: Open Food Network, Waterloo Region Votes

Karla Falk introduces the Open Food Network, which makes e-commerce software for food security. Paul Nijjar discusses the Waterloo Region Votes municipal election information website.

2022-09: Baz/Bazaar, Upgrading Ruby Libraries

Doug Moen proposes his projects Baz and Bazaar, which intends to make installing desktop applications as easy as using a webapp. Andrew Cant tells us the process he goes through when upgrading his Ruby Gems. Video by Mikalai Birukou.