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2023-07: UNIX Philosophy, Dev Containers

Jason Eckert discusses UNIX philosophy, and Jason Paul discusses how to set up containers for development environments. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2023-06: Zubick's Scrap App, Devel::DebugHooks

John Driezen motivates and then explains a Python program he wrote to track scrap metal prices. Eugen Konkov demonstrates the features of a Perl debugger he wrote. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2023-04: LanCache, Trivia

John Steel demonstrates the LanCache proxy. Jason Eckert leads the group through some entertaining Linux trivia. Video by Mikalai Birukou.

2023-03: Homelab Tour

Jason Paul gives us a tour of his homelab setup. Video by Mikalai Birukou. Note that we did not get video for the PrivacySafe presentation.