KWLUG Meeting: Monday, March 3 2014, 7pm

The Economics of Free Software, FirefoxOS

Meeting Date

It's March! It's March! February has somehow ended! Against all odds, March has somehow arrived! This calls for a celebration: namely our longstanding KWLUG tradition of having a March meeting -- in March, even. Our festivities will include two presentations, at least one of which will be beginner-friendly. John Kerr will tell us about the economics of free software, including how it affects consumers and taxpayers.

This month's other presentation will be about FirefoxOS, a project by the Mozilla Foundation. FirefoxOS extends the trend of building mobile phone OSes named after web browsers (and built on free software). Andrew Cant will tell us more about this project and its status (surprise! You can actually get a phone with FirefoxOS on it in 14 countries, none of which are Canada.)

* * *
This meeting will be beginner-friendly.

John Eddie Kerr will tell us how free software affects consumers and taxpayers.

Andrew Cant will tell us about FirefoxOS, the Mozilla Foundation's attempt to break into the mobile computing operating system space.