KWLUG Meeting: October 5 2009

But I don't want to look at the source code!

Meeting Date

This meeting is scheduled to be held at the Heuther Hotel in Waterloo. It will be held in the Heuther boardroom, which is on the third floor of the building. You'll find the boardroom by going up the to second floor, through the bar and up one more flight of stairs.

Join us at 7pm sharp for the presentation. Or join us as early as 6:30 for conversation and questions before the meeting starts.

We'll adjourn to one of the Heuther dining rooms after the presentation for refreshments and further discussion.

* * *

Sometimes quick and dirty get the job done. As Perl programmers say "There
is more than one way to do it" and in the case of a finding out why a
program is not doing what you would like to do this is very true. One could
fire up the debugger and dig into the source code but often simpler and
faster methods are available. In the cases where you don't have the source
code these may be all you have. t

Here I will present a certainly incomplete but what I have found to be an
invaluable list of commands and techniques for trouble shooting software of
all kinds under Linux. On other platforms you will find similar commands so
these techniques need not be limited to Linux.

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