The Kitchener-Waterloo Linux User Group, or KWLUG is a collection of people who are interested in learning, teaching and sharing our experiences with Linux and Free Software.

We hold monthly meetings in Kitchener, Ontario where we have informative presentations and fascinating discussion. Curious about attending a KWLUG meeting? You'll find information about a typical meeting here. Our meetings are free to attend.

Curious about the topics presented at our meetings?
Agenda from past meetings
These are topics that have been presented at previous KWLUG meetings.
Future meetings
These topics are scheduled for upcoming meetings
Suggested topics
These topics have been suggested but are not yet scheduled. Want to suggest a topic or volunteer to present at a KWLUG meeting?

In addition to meetings, we run this website and some mailing lists. We also have a lending library.

We are an inclusive bunch. "Linux" in our context includes, GNU/Linux, F/OSS, *ix, *BSD, Open Source, Free Software and many other cliques, acronyms and buzzwords.