KWLUG Meeting: Monday, April 5, 2021, 7pm

Curv, Joplin

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on BigBlueButton:

John Kerr will tell us about Joplin, an open source note taking app that can be easily synchronized to cloud services. He writes:

Joplin is a Markdown based note taking application. You can have numerous notes in tabs.  Information can be hosted on dropbox to synchronize with all of your devices. This feature makes Joplin a reasonable personal Wiki substitute for OwnCloud or NextCloud. I create a calendar page that I find more useful than many calendar apps, mainly because I do not have multiple meetings on many days of the week.

Doug Moen will give an update on Curv, focusing on the new design of the programming language. Curv is a programming language for creating art through mathematics, focusing on 2d and 3d geometric modelling. He writes:

After 5 years of messing around with Curv, the limitations of the current  design and implementation are quite clear. It's time to redesign everything. This will be the 3rd major design for the language and its internals.


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