KWLUG Meeting: Monday, January 4 2021, 7pm

3NWeb Live Space, Minimalist Desktop with Xmonad and fish

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held on BigBlueButton: . There will be no passcode.

Mikalai Birukou will give us an update about his 3NWeb project. He writes:


There is no separate cybersphere, there is only life here. Online is real  life. Your digital rights are no different from everyday human rights.  Unfortunately, today most people live in a digital feudalism.

Unlike physical space that was here already, we've been creating digital realm. Disrespect towards users is not a technical phenomena, but it is made possible by certain architectural choices.                                                                       

3NWeb gives a practical architecture for spaces that users own, where it is safe to build one's life, the promised land.                                 


Raul Suarez decided to move to a minimalist desktop using  XMonad on Archlinux. He will tell us about his journey, how he is adapting to the desktop, and the applications he uses. Part of his journey involved switching from bash to fish, which he says he "should have done years ago."                                          

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