New KWLUG meeting locations list

This blog entry collects possible new homes for KWLUG meetings. If you have some options to add, use the contact link to submit them.


  • Parking?
  • Is bookable month after month?
  • Accessibility by bus? Walking?
  • Cost? (Free of charge is ideal)
  • Accessibility for disabilities? Wheelchairs?
  • Has a sound system?
  • Has a projector?
  • Has Internet access? Wired? Wireless?
  • Can accomodate 20-25 people per meeting?

Meta Resources

We went through this exercise when the Huether Hotel got mad at us. There was a relevant discussion thread on kwlug-disc.

There is a site called SpaceFinder Waterloo which lists a bunch of rental spaces. Most of them cost money, however.

Locations to Investigate

These locations have been suggested but nobody has offered to follow up on them yet. If you would like to help then please volunteer to look into one or more of them.

Shopify Plus

Thalmic Labs

Formerly SweetTooth


WLU Faculty of Social Work

  • Rentals page:
  • The cost is $17/hour. From past experience we would need to be out at 9pm sharp.


(Eric Gerlach or Darcy Casselman might be contacts here.)

Igloo Offices

Treehouse Coworking Space


(Jason Eckert might be a contact here. WWITPro uses this space.)

Locations Under Investigation

Somebody has started to look into these locations, and they have not been ruled out yet. Often there are details that are missing about them; please fill in details if you can.

44 Gaukel

  • This space holds about 20 people at most.
  • It is on the second floor but there is an elevator.
  • It costs money.
  • Paul looked into this.


This would be at the Tannery building.

  • Maybe problems month after month
  • Free?
  • May need to switch end time to 8:30pm
  • Paul is the contact

Laurentian Room

This is at the Zehrs Laurentian, 750 Ottawa Street South.

The KW-RASC group uses this meeting space.

  • Maybe free? Nope. $75 per meeting.
  • Not that walkable, but good parking
  • Some wifi access available, but you need to authenticate with the captive portal.
  • Paul has made initial contact but needs to follow up

43 Queen Street South, Upstairs

This is a meeting room the floor above the Queen Street Commons.

  • Probably free
  • Probably available even if Paul cannot host
  • Must be out by 9pm sharp (probably a little earlier)
  • Not wheelchair accessible at all
  • Parking is horrible
  • No sound system
  • A projector is probably available
  • Wired or wireless internet should be available

First United Church

Here is a map. The address is 26 William Street West, at the corner of King and William in Waterloo.

The website is

  • Free of charge
  • Few constraints on time
  • It is a church
  • Noisy (lots of echo in the room)
  • No sound system unless we get the gym
  • Does have a projector
  • Lots of parking
  • It is a church
  • Has a kitchen
  • Good accessibility via public transit
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bill Switzer is the contact.

University of Waterloo

  • Maybe free of charge? (Lori, Jeff)
  • Parking is bad

Kitchener City Hall

  • Stuart is investigating

Atomic Coworking Space

This is at 119 King Street W

  • Chris Craig is investigating

Kitchener Public Library

Waterloo Public Library

Probably Ruled Out

256 King

  • Owned by The Working Centre
  • Probably not available after hours
  • Parking will be an issue