[kwlug-disc] New meeting location possibly needed

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 2 17:11:15 EST 2019

Here we go again. There have been some changes at our meeting space
(KWIC) and it sounds as if we will no longer be able to use the space
for free. I am in conversation with them to see whether our old
understanding still holds, but I am not optimistic. 

At this point, they would like $75 per three-hour meeting slot, or
$450 for 12 months. 

Here are our options: 

- We find that we are allowed to use the space for free again. This is
  possible but I suspect not likely. 

- We pay them $450 to book the space, understanding that maybe things
  will be in flux again and there is no guarantee we will get the
  space for 12 months. This kicks the can down the road, but buys us a

- I make arrangements for us to meet at St John's Kitchen again for
  the short or medium term. This is also not a long-term solution
  because it depends on me continuing to have access to the building
  (or a Working Centre staff member who does have access being willing
  to host). 

- We find a different meeting space, probably at some company's
  office. Then we are depending on that company's charity in the same
  way we were depending on the Working Centre before, but then I am
  not the bottleneck. 

- We look at spaces that charge money. $450 for 12 months works out to
  about $40 per meeting, so unless the space is very good and we can
  raise the money I am not enthusiastic about going higher than that.
  I do not think there are many places that will rent to us for less,
  especially since we have no official structure.

I do not think it is worth spending $75 to meet this month. 

I am sending this out before I have an answer from KWIC because I want
to see what resources we have. Here are my questions: 

- Are there people who are willing to contribute towards the $450
  booking fee? In principle I guess I could pay it all but I don't
  want to. If you are willing to contribute money to this (and are
  good for your word) then contact me offlist and let me know what you
  can contribute. 

- Are there other meeting spaces that are open to us? Making
  arrangements for January will be short notice, but if you know of a
  place (or work for a company that could sponsor) for February onward
  that would be useful information. 

I will try to contact the Working Centre and the Google space to see
whether they can accomodate us for the short term. 


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