KWLUG Meeting: June 6, 2016, 7pm

Raspberry Pi Projects

Meeting Date

Construction note: Victoria Street is closed between Charles and Weber streets. If you are coming from the West side of Kitchener-Waterloo, you will want to find an alternative route to the building. If you can get to Weber you should be okay.

* * *
Omar Atwa, who is a grade 8 student, created a Raspberry Pi Water Irrigation System for his school's Science Fair. The project incorporates a moisture sensor, an analog to digital converter, and a relay, all driven by a Raspberry Pi to keep soil moist for a plant. He will be walking us through the details of what he did, and how he did it.

Khalid Baheyeldin will demonstrate his new Raspberry Pi development kit, and how he got started:

  • Where to buy a kit?
  • Using NOOBS to install Raspbian Jessie
  • How to turn the Pi into a music player and internet radio player, including controlling it on the command line, from a phone app, and from the web.
  • Writing a Python weather forecast app, including a tiny built-in web server.