[kwlug disc.] PHP maintaining sessions

I've just migrated to a new server and an upgraded version of php (now
on version 5). My server is maintaining sessions if the user has
cookies enabled, but if cookies are turned off by the user, the system
won't maintain a session. Real ugly ifyou're trying to log in :).

Anyway, it could be something ugly with upgrading from php4 to php5, but
I'd stake quite a bit that I've just got some dumb configuration
variable set wrong.

Any ideas on what would cause php to maintain sessions in cookies, but
not if cookies are turned off?


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Re: [kwlug disc.] The new WestTLUG Mailing List is active - UPDATE

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 11:28, Jason Shein wrote:
> If anyone is interested, you can go here to subscribe.
> http://westtlug.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3&Itemid=11

Numerous people were reporting that their subscriptions were not getting
through. Subscription forms have been added to fix this issue.


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Words words words

Oh my! Look at all the books in our library! Thanks to the secret elves (a.k.a. Michael, Richard, Kevin, and Charles) for entering in all of these.

Unfortunately there are some bugs:
- If non-administrators enter books the status is "on loan"
- The ISBN number is not required (and it should be)
- If administrators add books they have status "not published"
- Navigation of the library is not so good. You click on a book and can't get back the original list of books you had.
- I want to be able to check out and sign in things en masse.


Hi Paul

You may ignore my e-mail about the Library books, I have entered the
four books that I borrowed myself,

It was easy

John Kerr | Guelph Ontario

More meta comments

Here are a couple of uneducated opinions about the website, before I forget:

0. I think the "Reviews" session should go. We should move the two reviews in there somewhere else (maybe to somebody's blog, maybe to an "archive" section as stories) and take out the link. I think the personal blog section is the right place to put reviews.

1. I wish we could enter in a lot less information for the library page. Ideally, we would enter in an ISBN number and our module would use the magic of Web 2.0 to find as much of the rest of the fields as it can. Even if this only worked for a limited set of publishers (O'Reilly, say) we would be better off.

Does O RLY have anything to do with O'Reilly?

Image module

Image module added for testing.
Add images to your blogs / presentations by using the image and img_assist modules.

  • Upload the image using add content / image
  • Create / edit your blog entry
  • Click Img_assist icon below blog text area.
  • Select from images.
  • Select filtered or html.
  • Insert image.
  • Adjust html img tag for positioning, if needed.

Testing search updates

I have installed the search box, and run the search index update once, manually. If the cron job is running correctly on Drupal then this post will show up in a search for wireless within 15 minutes. We'll see.

Okay, search and re-indexing works.

BBcode module added

The BBCode module has been added. You may now use BBcode tags in your submissions.

Modified flexinode module

I've modified it by adding a new field for presentations. This allows presentations to be linked to meeting agendas. The presentation field is derived from the exisitng field for book nodes.

Done for now

Everything should be okay. Report any web site problems to the kwlug-discussion list. Site work completed (for the moment) at 2300H21Mar2006

Added flexinode moduile

Added flexinode module. This allows the creation of arbitrary node forms from existing node components. This will be used to connect presentation topics with meeting dates.

Added event module

Added event module to allow the association of dates with specific nodes. This will be used for meetings and presentations.

Added phptemplate and fancy

Added phptemplate template engine.
Added fancy theme.

Disabled sifr functions in fancy theme.

Warning: web site work in progress

Hi. I'm working on the site during the evening of Tuesday 21 March 2006. You are not imaging the errors, mistakes, failures and random goofs. They are real.

Meaty compilers

What I learned from this week's Debian Weekly News: If you don't enjoy beef, enterprising carnivores can compile their programs with chicken.

Oh. And for those wacky vegetarians, there's Open-COBOL. Sigh.

(Oh. And Drupal has security flaws and needs an upgrade.)

UPDATE: Ace of Penguins has been orphaned! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Forum replies are not visible to guest users

If you are not logged in you can see the first post to forums, but you can't see subsequent posts. Somewhere there is a permissions problem.

Is a forum reply a "comment"? It appears that Drupal is locking out blog comments for guests as well...

[b]Update:[/b] Yep. That was it. Anonymous users need to be able to view comments.

How can I set my blog to allow commenting by default?

Back to reality

The above post was an oportunity for me to examine all of the allowed tags for posting here in order to prepare for the actual job at hand. I am now ready to go.

This darn blog thingie....

Just a quick test of the blog system and these wonderful tags that I will spend much


using during the content transfer.

Not that I have ever been able to keep any Blog updated.

But I am working on it

just not very fast

  1. Sleep
  2. exercise
  3. nutrition

May help

but enough about me
R. Brent Clements, volunteer new site populator

Lets get this show on the road......