Here is a (partial?) list of who does what around KWLUG. 

It was last updated on 2023-01-12. 

If you would like to help we would love to have you! Please contact one of the meeting organizers. 

Domain name: John van Ostrand 

Website host access: Bill Switzer, Paul Nijjar, Mark Steffen. Mark hosts the website on CPanel and can provide access. 

Mailing list administration: Bill Switzer, Paul Nijjar. Can be accessed via CPanel. 

Drupal administration: Paul Nijjar.Can be accessed via CPanel. Andrew Cant has admin access to the website. Main alias is website-admins . Contact emails go to the fanmail alias. 

Meeting organization/booking: Andrew Cant, Paul Nijjar. 

Video recording: Mikalai Birukou. Gheorghe Curelet-Balan used to record in-person meetings. 

Podcast recording: Paul Nijjar.

VPS administration: hosted by Mark Steffen.

  • vps01: Bill Switzer, Bob Jonkman (now defunct)
  • vps03: Paul Nijjar. Hosts the following resources: , RSS feeds for Watcamp, Spectrum calendars, feed2toot for Mastodon, Eventbrite RSS/iCal feeds.

BigBlueButton: Mikalai Birukou, Paul Nijjar. Alias: bbb-admins

Mastodon: Paul Nijjar. Alias: mastodon-admins

Twitter: Andrew Cant

LinkedIn: Charles McColm, Jason Paul

Facebook:??? . Maybe John van Ostrand?

Account Recovery

Many accounts use aliases defined in the "Forwarders" section of CPanel. Getting Mark Steffen to add you to the correct alias should permit password resets.