The Raspberry Pi revitalized my inner geek

As a single guy (AKA geek) just out of school, I tried to keep up on all the cool and upcoming tech. Over the past 15 years, I got married, had a kid, had several different roles at work and pursued a few different hobbies which steered me away from a lot of the fun I used to have with technology. I kept up enough to be proficient at work and to be the go-to tech guy of friends and family but I didn't have the drive or time to experiment as much.

The Raspberry Pi has piqued my interest again in some experimentation. It's an affordable way to mess around with a cool piece of technology and teach others about programming, hardware and open source software. I noticed the next meeting will be discussing the Pi so I won't go into it too much - attend the meeting to find out more. I may see you there if I get off work early enough.