Installing LAMP on Ubuntu 11.04 aka The Natty Narwhal

As new user with Linux using Ubuntu 11.04 I was in the "now what?" moment.
Then I recalled Khalid's presentation on LAMP.
Exploring with the Google I found the following tutorials.ā€¦

There were tuts going back a few revs but I thought 10.04 tut was close enough to 11.04.
And! Success! I now have a Linux webserver running LAMP.

20130217 updated: some of the info in the txtweaks tuts is dated but still useful

20140414 updated: having to do an apache / apache2 rebuild / reinstall seems to be an annual exercise;
on this go around, I found that the default conf files map to /var/www/html;
and that I had to drop in an index.html file into that directory to get
FF /localhost to bring up anything other than an empty "Index of /" page.

20140520 updated: encountered a couple of other gotchas in recent spins of apache2;
previously, conf files did not need a suffix; now these files must end in .conf;
httpd.conf is deprecated; use apache2.conf or custom .conf files instead;

20140525 the tuts above show how to modify apache2 to set up 'sites' under /var/www or elsewhere; configure apache2 as req'd to allow users to these sites; the tuts also describe how to modify the system file /etc/hosts to map to these 'sites' with lines like: mysite1
on the same PC, MyLinuxPC, a users on a browser could simply type in the name of the site 'mysite1' in the address bar to access the 'site';
this did not work across the LAN; on the Windows PC I had to modify the windows equivalent of the hosts file" c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts with the addition of a lines similar to the following: MyLinuxPC mysite1

continuing in fits and starts;

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Apache 2.4.9 (build: 2014-04-01)

20141019 updated: I do not have much to add here. I am still fiddling w/LAMP under Ubuntu 12.04 on MyLinuxPC. So far all is well w/LAMP on MyLinuxPC;
I am, however, working on web development, working w/XAMPP under Win 8.1 on a production PC and XAMPP on a home WInXP PC.
And I would like to note that the knowledge gained through the work on LAMP on MyLinuxPC is transferrable to XAMPP under Win**.

20141020 updated: for future reference: because the as-installed index.html went missing during an update I thought I would add the code for the file here:
[!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
[title]It works![/title]
[h1]It works![/h1]

20150726 updated: fixed the entry above so that the html code for "It works" is displayed.
20150726 see Continuing Adventures with Ubuntu and Apache