Web Site Cut-Over

Thursday evening (around 6 PM) the KWLUG web site will be going into maintenance mode and will be unstable for a couple of hours while the upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 is performed.

This is an in-place upgrade so although the site will be initially going into maintenance mode and therefore inaccessible we will need to bring the site back on-line to make final configuration changes and for testing. During that time the site's look and functionality may vary wildly.

I'll will post an announcement when the site is stable so that you, our members, can continue to make excellent content contribution.

We have worked to make sure the cut-over will be otherwise uneventful by performing a trial cut-over on another web server. We are hoping that this exercise will reduce both the downtime and inevitable bugs.

If, after the cut-over, you find problems with the site please let me know.

If you are curious about what is involved in the cut-over check out my cut-over notes.