Bandwidth Statistics and Traffic Control

These days a lot of people spend a lot of time on the Internet and much of the time, we are sharing a single connection with more than one other person.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to keep track of bandwidth statistics, such as who is using how much bandwidth on the network?
Perhaps wanting to limit those who are using an unfair proportion of the bandwidth?

With the plethora of tools that are available for bandwidth statistics collection, and the handful of tools that are available to handle traffic control, what works for you?

This presentation will cover as many of the current statistics collection and bandwidth control programs as possible, including which ones are ideal for which situations, which ones are still being actively maintained, and which ones are easiest to use.
Everything from what you can do (graphs of bandwidth use by IP, with pmacct and pNRG [0]) to how you can control your bandwidth (the now antiquated wondershaper script, as noted by LARTC [1]) to more malleable fine-grained control (the ability to set triggers based on usage levels with an up and coming program called tcd [2])

Anyone with knowledge of, or experience with traffic control or bandwidth statistics willing to volunteer or help put together a presentation, please step forward. In lieu of that, I will be gathering what I can and volunteering to present this topic myself (author).


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As I've only seen ~5 people express an interest in this topic on the KWLUG discussion mailing list , I'm going to hold off on putting a presentation together until there is more interest in the topic.