Linux Mint Isadora KDE i386 first impressions

This time I decided to install Linux Mint Isadora KDE version. This may sound unfair based my previous review of Mandriva as I've been using Linux Mint for several releases but this is the first time I will use the KDE version, though.

I promise I'll try to be as picky and as unbiased as I possibly can.

The first thing that surprised me is that, although for the Gnome version there is a Live CD which is just 674 MB and a Live DVD which is 763, There is only a DVD version for KDE a whopping 1.3 GB. Still better than other distributions which are 2 to 4 GB.

I downloaded the DVD version which is a Live version. Upon booting I got a normal KDE screen with the Linux Mint background and a Install Linux Mint icon on the desktop folder. The screen looks clean, nothing earth shattering. But it is noticeable that it started on my card/monitor recommended resolution, not the maximum.

In the menu I can see that in includes a large number of applications, I may need to do some clean up after I'm done. For example, It even comes with Wine which I never use. I hope it only installs a basic set of applications.

I tried to use some of the utilities but they weren't configured on the Live CD. so I'll proceed to install by double clicking on the icon.

The installation is quite clean and clear. Quite visual with a very simple language.

Oops, the partition editor cuts the name of the partitions, I can only see /dev/sd... so I need to resize the columns.

A couple of questions and the installation starts. Hey, wait a second. It never asked me if I wanted to install the boot loader or where I wanted to install it. I Don't remember missing that question and if I did then it is not very clear where the option is.

The installation took less than 10 minutes and I reboot... At least the boot loader found all my installations.

Initial boot speed is good but KDE logging is very slow.

Upon boot I am welcomed by a message saying that I have 82 updates I accept them and the update starts. All the messages are very short and clear.

While it installs I browse the menus. Oh, no! all the applications were installed. Maybe that's good for some, but now I know why there is only a large DVD version. This version of Mint comes with the kitchen sink. Not a criticism. just an observation.

Dragon Player

Each one a great player, but should they include them all? I don't think so.

When I execute dragon Player it very nicely advises me that there are packages that may improve my experience. I accept and... what? it failed? I know it failed because the update manager was already running. I think that there should have been a clearer message telling me that I couldn't install it until the other application finished.

It's time to go to bed but I'll continue reporting tomorrow.

I just got distracted watching a movie. It is nice to have a distro that you can start using as soon as you finish installing it.