KWLUG Meeting: Monday, March 7 2011

Demo Night: Clutter, LVM, Firebug

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This meeting will consist of three shorter presentations by KWLUG members.

Tim Laurence will present the Linux Volume Manager (LVM). He writes: "Partitioning without LVM is so 1988! With LVM you can gain flexibility to allow you to deal with all your changing and complex storage configuration needs with ease. Come learn how LVM can make your system administration easier."

Darcy Casselman will present Clutter. He writes: "Clutter is a library developed by Intel designed for building their smartphone user interfaces. It's open source and available for use on the desktop as well. Gnome is using it for Gnome Shell and Ubuntu is using it in their Unity netbook UI. Best of all, it's fun and easy to get started with it and see some nifty effects. We'll show you how to get started with Clutter in Python.

John van Ostrand will demonstrate Firebug, a useful (some would say essential) tool used to debug webpages.