Ubuntu Lucid Lynx printer troubleshooting wizard was quite helpful

In my previous post I explained how to install the Lexmark printer drivers in Ubuntu/Mint.

What I left out was how was I able to very easily identify what was the problem when all was finally installed and things weren't working.

It really came down to the Printer troubleshooting wizard included in Ubuntu/Mint.

After I installed everything as I had done before, my printer icon had an ! (exclamation) mark and when I tried to print it would just give me an error. I decided to press the "diagnose" button not expecting too much out of it. After all, I've never found such a button useful under any MS Windows OS/application.

The wizard gave me some recommendations, then it asked me if I wanted to turn on debug mode. I accepted, tried to print the test page and after that it showed me the CUPS log! There I was able to find the error, Google it and solve my problem.

I was pleasantly surprised. Kudos to the people that figured out how to make a useful wizard.