Installing a Lexmark x1155 using the z600 driver

I've created a small script that does most of the work for me. I've used it successfully on varios versions of Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint and Puppy Linux, so I am certain that it should work in most distributions.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. Ensure that the following commands are installed, if not, install them using your distribution regular mechanism: rpm2cpio, cpio, ldconfig. e.g. sudo aptitude install rpm2cpio
  2. If you are using Ubuntu Karmic or newer: Go to the Jaunty repository page for ibstdc++5 and download the package from your preferred mirror: and install the downloaded package
  3. If you are using a different distribution, ensure that libstdc++5 is installed
  4. Download the attached file:
  5. Extract the file: tar -xvzf
  6. Execute the installation script: sudo ./
  7. Restart cups using your distribution regular mechanism (or reboot the box). e.g. sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart
  8. Add the printer using your distribution's regular mechanism. e.g. under Ubuntu and Mint "Administration | Printing". Ensuring that you select Lexmark as Make and Z600 as the driver
  9. Enjoy!

Full Story:

Before I started (for the second time) playing with Linux in 2004, I bought a computer. It came with a Lexmark printer.

I almost never use this printer so I haven't seen the need to replace it specially because I found the drivers and installation instructions. So I wrote a small script that installs it for me. It has worked flawlessly up until Mint 9 Isadora/Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid (I skipped Mint 8 and Ubuntu 9.10). It took me an extra few minutes to figure it out why it was failing but I finally got it.

Up until Jaunty Ubuntu included the library libstdc++5; but since Karmic, Ubuntu removed it from the repositories. This library is needed so I downloaded it directly from the Jaunty repository:

The other surprise in Lucid/Isadora was that when I tried to print, it complained about insecure file permissions for the filter so in the script I added setting the appropriate permissions (555) to /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz600

I hope this helps. The following printers are confirmed:
Lexmark 5700 (black & white only)
Lexmark X1100
Lexmark X1110
Lexmark X1130
Lexmark X1140
Lexmark X1150
Lexmark X1155
Lexmark X1180
Lexmark X1185
Lexmark Z513
Lexmark Z515
Lexmark Z715
Lexmark Z55
Lexmark Z615
Lexmark Z705
Lexmark Z605
Lexmark Z600
Lexmark Z25
Dell A920
Z65 (z65 driver)
Lexmark Z33 (z35 driver)
Lexmark Z33 (z35 driver)

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Oops, I didn't notice that the site added the underscores when I uploaded the file.

I've added a note in the instructions to rename to

Just do that and the file will work properly.