KWLUG Meeting: December 6 2010

Debian Infrastructure Tools

Meeting Date

The doors open for conversation, networking and casual Q&A some time between 6 and 6:30. Formal meeting and presentations start at 7:00pm sharp.

* * *
Andrew Cant will enlighten us about the "Debian Way", which is also applicable to Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other derivatives of this established Linux distro.

Topics that I can think off/summarize on the "Debian Way":
- Debian installation configuration (already covered by Eric as apart
of his awesome automatic installation presentation)
- creating Debian packages
- using Debian packages high-level (aptitude, synaptic, Ubuntu
Software Installer)
- using Debian packages low-level (apt, dpkg, dpkg-reconfigure,...)
- general how Debian works overview (philosophy + history + guidelines
+ outline of the system)
- how to configure the "Debian Way" (network, kernel compilation, how
things fit in with the LSB?)