Finding Samba shares mounted by Nautilus

Every now and then I have the need to access a folder shared in a remote computer at home. I normally mount it by hand in the command line using the standard commands:

mount -t cifs -o <username>,<password> //<serveraddress>/<sharename> <mountpoint>
smbmount //<serveraddress>/<sharename> <mountpoint>

but this time I wanted to mount it using Nautilus so I entered the URI in the location bar


and selected "Mount Volume" from the right-click menu of the share I wanted to access.

It mounted properly but when I wanted to access it from another program I couldn't figure out where the mount was. After some searching I found that Nautilus mounts the Ssamba shares under


I have no clue why the Gnome/Nautilus designers decided to hide the mount point when the most obvious reason to mount a share is ti ACCESS it.

To avoid this confusion in the future (I have an awful memory) I decided to create a symlink in my home folder to .gvfs.

Now when I want to mount a remote folder I can find the mount point very easily.

Do you know what was the reason to hide it in the first place?