Local Activities

In addition to our user group meetings, you will find Linux and FLOSS being used and advocated extensively in Waterloo Region. Residents participate in software projects, run companies and do other cool things.

This is not a comprehensive list, and inclusion on this list does not imply KWLUG endorsement in any way. But if you are looking for a project or for some help, this page might point you in some good directions.

If you have something to add on this list please contact use our contact form. We reserve the right to be completely and flagrantly arbitrary in what we include on this list.

Unfortunately, links to KWLUG users are currently visible only to those who have accounts on this website. However, links to project pages work.


Here are some projects local people are working on. To get involved, contact the workers directly or visit the project website.

The Barry project provides synchronization support for Blackberry smartphones on Linux. It is sponsored by Net Direct.
Computer Recycling
The Working Centre's Computer Recycling project refurbishes donated computers. Some of the systems it sells and support have Linux installed on them. Charles McColm runs Computer Recycling.
Drupal Security
Khalid Baheyeldin is a member of the Drupal security team.
Ontario Linux Fest
John van Ostrand, Richard Weait and many other KWLUG members help to make Ontario Linux Fest a reality.
Puppy Linux
Raul Suarez was an active contributor to the lightweight Linux distro Puppy Linux. and is hoping to get back into contributing soon.

Commercial Support

2bits.com, Inc.
Khalid Baheyeldin offers LAMP, Drupal and web performance consulting. See http://2bits.com for more information.
CCj/Clearline is a systems support and web hosting company that offers Linux support. (Disclaimer: they donate hosting for kwlug.org).
Net Direct
Net Direct provides consulting solutions for businesses of all sizes, with an emphasis on open source solutions. John van Ostrand is CTO and co-CEO.
Peaceworks provides IT services geared towards the non-profit, academic, and small to midsize business sectors. They offer Linux hosting and support.
Remote Learner
Remote Learner has an office in Waterloo providing services around the Moodle learning platform. They are an official Moodle partner.


Conestoga College
Conestoga College occasionally offers Linux courses. Here is a (possibly-fragile) link to their course offerings -- search for "linux" to find Linux-related courses: course offerings portal.
Rob Day offers corporate training services in many aspects of Linux and open source development. See http://www.crashcourse.ca for more information.

Other Activities of Note

Insurance Squared
Although Glenn Cooke is not a Linux administrator, he uses Linux extensively in his business Insurance Squared. He gave KWLUG a fascinating talk on White Hat Search Engine Optimization .

User Groups

The Friends and Neighbours page lists other user groups in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.