Moving To Linux

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Note: This review was originally submitted to the KWLUG website by user cowgirl ( and all writing credit belongs to them. I have moved it from the old site to the new one.

Moving to LINUX

I just submitted a review of your book and thought you would like to see it too. I just finished the KWlug's copy given to our group, by Marcel Gagné, at our last presentation at RIM in March. I would recommend to any newbie to find out how to use Linux; as the book name says "Moving to LINUX" is what it shows throughout the book. It includes a Knoppix CD-ROM that will ride on a Microsoft system without having to reboot into Linux. If you follow along in the book with the CD-ROM everything works and show how any person can use Linux as a Desktop. It starts simple and gives you all the distros that you can get from It also shows the two window desktops, of Gnome & KDE, which are both based on Xfree86 Xwindow. It talks about all the browsers that can be used and where they can try it out in their own windows environment. It talks about chat & networking with "GAIM" & "Jabber". Again all this can be installed on their present system. It then goes into E-Mail with, KMail, & Evolution. The evolution being exactly like "MS Outlook" and get you familiar with the same products in MS World and compare it to the Linux World. The next area it talks about is "OpenOffice" which compares equally with" MSOffice". The rest of the book mainly fills you in on the different parts of the office and how to get scanning, printing, & videoing. The last two chapters talk about Music in all it forms, and how to rip a cd and compress it into a mp3 format. The last chapter is on "Games" which any teenager is into these days, and how to join into it on the net. Overall I would give it a 9 out-of 10 for the book. The only thing I found was if you tried one of distros and it did not work exactly the same as the book, it doesn't explain it well enough. But even this problem is solved if you join one of the LUGS as it is mentioned through out it. It especially mentions the "WFTL-lug" as that is his lug where he will answer questions, especially ones about the book. by Cowgirl You may use this too...