KWLUG meeting: Monday, August 9 2010

Programming For Linux

Meeting Date

The doors open for conversation, networking and casual Q&A some time between 6 and 6:30. Formal meeting and presentations start at 7:00pm sharp.

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Raul Suarez will give a practical introduction to programming in Linux.

He writes: A very common question I've heard in on-line forums and casual chat is: "I'd like to develop for Linux, where do I start?"

This presentation is meant to provide an answer to that question. Probably not the ultimate answer and certainly not a comprehensive one as it won't cover every single possibility, but it should at least point the novice Linux developer on the right track.

Here I am using the term "developer" loosely, as my purpose is to include from the desktop user that needs to automate a repetitive task to the expert developer new to Linux development.

This will be an overview and a practical comparison of various programming alternatives available and the resources available to learn them.

From single line command line scripts to rich web applications to code-less programming there should be something for almost everybody.

As it is usual for my presentations, I'd like you to invite people that are (or could be) curious about developing under Linux. If you tell people, you'd be surprised how many may come just out of curiosity.

I've attached a map of the presentation in three formats:

  • If you install the FreeMind application you can use the mm version (best option)
  • If you like Flash, download the flash version to a directory and open the html in your favourite browser. It is interactive.
  • If you don't like Flash or don't want to install FreeMind, Just extract the html version to a folder and open it with your favourite browser.

Free Mind
Using FreeMind was invaluable to organize all this information. I highly recommend installing and using it.

You can find Free Mind in your favourite distribution repositories or directly at

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