Software Freedom Day

Yesterday I was fortunate to participate in the Software Freedom Day organized by the working centre in Kitchener.

There I had the opportunity to give three presentations.

I'm posting them here in case anyone is interested in looking at them, modifying or using them at other events.

What are we celebrating
In this presentation I walked through some of the current rights and freedoms regarding digital content. The ones we currently have and give for granted as well as some of the existing artificial barriers to enjoy those rights.

Don't be afraid of the command line
The main purpose of this presentation is to make users feel more comfortable reading and understanding commands provided by other people as well as using the command line more effectivelly.

Linux for Windows users
This presentation shows some of the core differences between Windows and Linux which, when not well understood, become "annoyances" and entry barriers for adoption.

This presentation is not meant to bash Windows in any way or to glorify Linux, but an (hopefully) objective and practical comparison.

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