KWLUG Meeting: Monday, March 1 2010

Regular Expressions

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The March 2010 KWLUG meeting will have all of your favorite activities. New attendees are welcome and we'll have informal Q&A from arrival time until the presentation starts at 7pm. You'll learn everything that there is to know about regular expressions Afterwards we'll adjourn to a local restaurant for further discussion and refreshments. There is no fee to attend KWLUG meetings and everybody with an interest in Linux, Free Software, Software Libre, Open Source Software and flightless waterfowl in formalwear are welcome to attend.

NOTE: This meeting will be held at St John's Kitchen 97 Victoria Street North Kitchener, at the corner of Weber and Victoria. Use the door on the left / North side of the building. We meet on the second floor. Doors will open around 6:30pm.

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You search text every day, often many times. Although much of that may be Internet searches, there are still lots of places to use the pattern matching power of Regular Expressions.

The cryptic looking regular expressions are usually quite simple. This presentation will help you understand the most commonly used features of regular expressions and will cover the most commonly used tools and a couple of programming languages.

So whether you are a graphical interface user, command line user, system administrator or programmer you'll find regular expressions useful.

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