openNetcam open source project is recruiting developers

A new open source project has started with the aim of producing an
open framework for embedded Linux based video camera systems.

Developers in this project will get to play in a very diverse sandbox. The framework itself will be layered on top of the ultra lightweight SIMPL toolkit ( and when completed will be essentially a webservices lite.

Most openNetcam systems will get deployed in the form of an embedded Linux appliance. So there will be opportunities to get involved in embedded Linux distro developement. We haven't yet selected the preferred hardware although the senior developer already has some inexpensive boards in mind. There will be opportunities to get involved in creating derivatives of the Puppy Linux distribution which contain the openNetcam code. The main development languages will be C and C++, although peripheral parts like test stubs will likely get developed in Python or Tcl/Tk.

The preferred webserver will be lighttpd and there will be opportunities to create a SIMPL plugin for that webserver.

The hope is that once this framework gets far enough along we'll go
seeking industry support. Who knows maybe at that stage we'll be able
to put in place a developer compensation scheme along the lines of the
X-prize approach. ie. developers get paid for working, tested code
they produce rather than for their potential to produce working tested code.

If any of this interests you (or if you know of someone who might be
interested) don't hesitate to contact me offlist and I'll give you
more details.