Puppy Linux - Floss Fund Nomination

Puppy Linux is a small and light distribution with all the functionality of a large one. This is not just another derived distribution. It was built from the scratch taking components from many different sources and frequently implementing them in a novel way.

The main goals of PuppyLinux are not to be the fastest or smallest or prettiest, but to be highly functional in newer and older hardware.

Due to it's size and functionality I always carry it with me on a pen drive and has been invaluable in many occasions.

Why do I think contributions are important?

The distribution is maintained mainly by the original developer with an eclectic and loosely collection of contributors participating in an ad-hoc manner. This project does not have any stable funding other than the main developer's pension and the occasional donation.

Some facts about the project and the creator

  • Barry is a self declared hermit who lives in Penjorie which is hundreds of miles away from Perth which in turn is the most isolated city in the world
  • Just until recently Barry only had dial-up. Now he has a government subsidized satellite connection
  • Uploading a new version involves driving several hours to Perth
  • Donations are usually directed into buying hardware for testing.

This is a real Open Source success story not because of the current popularity of the distribution but because it shows that a single hermit lost in one of the most remote parts of Australia can still be relevant.


$87.01CAD = $71.77USD

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