Ogg Vorbis Theora -- Floss Fund Nominee

Mozilla is including support natively in Firefox with Version 3.1.
This means that when a user encounters a sound or video file on the
web, Firefox will automatically play it as the CODECS to do this are
built in.

This is a major step forward. In the past, in order to play files
created with Ogg or Theora, we would have to configure our browswers
to do so -- creating another step for the average user to go through
before it would be possible to enjoy multi-media content created with
free and open source software.

With the Mozilla browsers holding 20 percent of the browser market, and
with Ogg and Theora support built in, content providers such as television
networks, record companies, newspaper websites, and radio stations will
have greater incentive to create content in this format.

There are FLOSS supporters making the case for the open source CODECS.
Now it makes more sense to include content in this format and to publicise
the availability of it.

Ogg Vorbis and Theora enables the delivery of sound and video content on
the Internet to be truely free and democratic. Musicians and film makers
are no longer forced to use proprietary formats.

Internet Explorer is not the only browser that has built in
support for sound and video. Another brick in the wall is gone.

Please see the Play Ogg website at:


The Ogg website is at:


(pnijjar: The donation page is http://www.xiph.org/donate . They take PayPal )