KWLUG Meeting: Monday January 5 2009

Lightweight/Tiling Window Managers

Meeting Date

Window managers? Are those the folks who put the fancy clothes on the mannequins down ant the mall?

Not in this case. In computer terms a window manager provides a way for programs to appear on graphical desktops and share decorations for things like check boxes and select lists.

Kyle Spaans will introduce us to several tiling window managers, a subset of the overall window manager kingdom.

* * *
*Cough* Is X making your computer slow? Perhaps moving away from the the "desktop environment" is your solution.

This will be a presentation about tiling window mangers, particularly StumpWM, xmonad, and perhaps dwm if the presenter (our very own Kyle Spaans) can take some time to learn it.

This presentation will consist of quick and dirty demos on how to use and configure these kinds of window managers, and a discussion of their pros and cons. Honorable mention may be made of Fluxbox and FVWM.