My other little problem in Debian etch 4.0R3

I freshly installed Debian 4.0R3 on my laptop a couple of days ago and I have a wireless network card for it. It's a pcmcia card model D-LINK AirPlus DWL-G630, I also have a usb ethernet adapter for my laptop which is what I used to get on but when I issue the command iwconfig in a shell window I get the error: no wireless extensions with the interfaces sit0,eth0 and lo listed saying no wireless extensions, wpa-supplicant and wireless extensions installed as well yet all that is detected is a wired connection when I go to networking under administration on the menu i'm prompted for the root password and I issue it but all that pops up detected is ethernet connection eth0 no wireless connection i know this card works because I've had it running with Ubuntu 7.10 right out of the box on the laptop and it work flawlessly, ubuntu is debian based and it works in Ubuntu but how come it won't work in the very distro which upon Ubuntu is based on? I've been trying to contemplate this for some time now i've. Would installing lenny or sid the testing and unstable versions of Debian solve this problem for me?

Thanks, Eric any help would be much appreciated this is quite frustrating :-(



If it isn't too much trouble, I suggest that for fresh installs you go with Lenny. Etch kernel is 2.6.18 out of the box and Lenny is (currently) 2.6.25. ubuntu 7.10 was 2.6.22, I believe. There has been much progress with drivers in Linux since 2.6.18 kernels and related wireless extensions. Lenny is almost stable and Etch has on foot in oblivion. I'd be very surprised if Lenny did not work for you since 7.10 did.

The only catch with Lenny is that the current 2.6.25 kernel has some glitches with USB. My card reader USB dongle works, but my Powerware UPS can't get on the bus. There are similar reports for other distros as well. Until last week Lenny was an easy recommend, but today there is this caveat.

ubuntu 8.04 is also a good choice, if you don't mind fighting with network-manager to do something more complicated than my grandmother would try.