Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is KWLUG?

    KWLUG is an acronym for Kitchener Waterloo Linux Users Group.

  • Come here often?

    KWLUG meetings are held once a month, generally on the first Monday evening of the month. See the main page for the next scheduled meeting.

  • Been here long?

    The mysterious origins of KWLUG are shrouded in the mists if time. Our first meeting as KWLUG was in October 2001. Some of our founding members were meeting as a previous group from some time in 2000.

  • What is a LUG?

    A Linux User Group, or LUG is a collection of people that are interested in learning about Linux. We are an inclusive bunch. "Linux" in our context includes, GNU/Linux, F/OSS, *ix, *BSD, Open Source, Free Software and many other cliques, acronyms and buzzwords.

  • Where can I get Linux books?

    Members can borrow from our KWLUG library. We have many books that relate to Free and Open Source Software. These books are for the benefit of all of our members, and most are dontated to the club by other members. One member is known to be responsible for donating the vast majority of the books in our collection. Thank you, Rob.

  • How do I get Linux?

    Most anything and everything is available from the internet. If you have a slow connection you might want to get Linux distribution disks from our media library. Ask at a meeting if you would like access to this collection.

  • You have a host? What does a host do?

    The host will introduce the formal presentations and may choose to make informal presentations of news, gossip or complete fabrications. A host might have goodies to give away thorough some equitable method like triva questions or arm-wrestling. A host should be prepared to settle issues like "how to divide three hats among forty nerds" or or be nimble enough to dodge tomatoes.