KWLUG Meeting: Monday 03 April 2006

Extending BASH with BashDiff

Meeting Date

This meeting will be held at The Working Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. Our meetings are free and open to those with an interest in Linux.Doors open at 6pm for casual conversation and perhaps a Linux-related video.We have another interesting Open Source project presentation this month. Make sure you arrive early to get a seat. As host, I'll be entertaining you with my singing and dancing skills, (Okay, perhaps there won't be any singing and dancing, I'm adding this for Adam and I have an unusual sense of humour --richard) but the main focus of the evening will be a presentation by William Park, from the Toronto Linux User Group. His Open Source project is called ...
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William will demonstrate and discuss his open source project BASH-diff. It is a patch to the bash-3.0 shell incorporating many useful features from Awk, Python, Zsh, Ksh, and others. This presentation will be of great interest to programmers and shell / script fans alike!

Bash.Diff is a patch against Bash shell. In the main core, it adds the following syntax: {a..b}; ${var|...}; then-else-fi to for/while/until/case statements; try-block with string exception;<&lt+; and, <<<<.

As builtin, it adds the following: sscanf(3), <string.h>, <ctype.h> wrappers; array, regex(3), stack, queue operations; GDBM, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL database interfaces; HTML template engine (BASP); Expat XML parser interface; x-y char plot; DOS, CSV, Awk support; Libwebserver interface; RPN calculator with <math.h> functions; and, GTK+2 interface for GUI dialog. Detailed presentation material will be added after the presentation.