KWLUG Meeting: Monday, 07 January 2008


Meeting Date

Happy New Year! And welcome to the first 2008 meeting of keeping your Free Software Resolution. KWLUG meetings are open to everybody with an interest in Free Software, GNU/Linux and Open Source. Arrive when the doors open at 6pm for conversation and networking. Formal presentations start at 7pm. Often, many of us relocate to a restaurant for further discussion and sustenance after the meeting ends at 9pm.

* * *
LinuxMCE is a free, open source add-on to Kubuntu including a 10' UI, complete whole-house media solution with pvr + distributed media, and the most advanced smarthome solution available. It is stable, easy to use, and requires no knowledge of Linux and only basic computer skills.

With our history of "Standing Room Only" for MYTH-TV presentations, you'll want to be sure to arrive early for this Instant Classic as presented by our very own John Van Ostrand.