KWLUG Meeting: Monday, 03 December 2007

64Studio--Linux for aspiring musicians (on a budget or not)

Meeting Date

The meeting starts at 7pm, and the doors open for conversation and networking at 6pm.

* * *
Brent is our resident turntable mix-ologist and DJ-Extrordinaire. He's going to whip a little Learnin' on us regarding audio.

If you aspire to be a musician, or if you used to, or i you know someone who does, you might be interested to know that virtually ever tool you need to create, record, mix, master, and publish music is available from GPL software repositories, and you can do the job on virtually dumpster-class hardware. If all goes well, I will demonstrate in my presentation how to record music from both digital and acoustic instruments and vocals, mix it and master it into CD ready recordings, using the 64Studio linux distro--Debian based, and preconfigured for effective audio creation and manipulation.

I don't really have any music talent, but this talk will focus on the technology, which is a lot simpler than it may look. Some general music production knowledge will undoubtedly be imparted at the same time. Plus someone is probably going to have to sing something.........