Someone to work on a Freedom Toaster...

One of the projects that I wanted to see up and running at The Working Centre is a Freedom Toaster. If you haven't heard about the Freedom Toaster project before it's worth checking out at:

The Working Centre's Computer Recycling Project is almost set to open up again, we've been building shelves in our new space and sorting through the thousands of parts. When we are open it would be nice if people could just drop in with their own blank CDs and burn their own copy of whatever Linux distribution they want using the freedom toaster.

I've set aside a full size tower computer. Unfortunately I don't have large SCSI drives (9.1 GB is the largest) so I stuck 1 x 80GB IDE drive in the box, along with a couple of 9.1GB (10,000 RPM) UW-SCSI drives. The tower is a Pentium III loaded with SDRAM.

We also have a monitor and touch screen adapter (ISA unfortunately). I looked the adapter up once and it's suppose to be Linux-compatible.

I don't have the time to work on the box, and while I have one or two volunteers with good Linux knowledge, none have been around lately due to work commitments. If someone has some extra time and would like to finish building the Freedom Toaster it would be a big help for the community. While we're now a MAR, Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, I try to push Open Source software and Linux whenever I get the chance. Having the Toaster will help a lot since people can just drop in and create their own distro discs.